winter 2015
winter 2015

Fond of Fife

Winter 2015 Collection

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Winter’s 2015 Collection is drawn from a fascination with the four Mrs. Hemingways over three decades – Hadley, Fife, Martha and Mary – and what made them so attracted to such a talented yet difficult man as Ernest Hemingway.

The range incorporates a feel from life in Paris in the 1920’s socialising with the writers and artists of the Lost Generation, through to the tailored attire worn by his third wife – a war/foreign correspondent during World War 2.

Lace, a sought after part of the range, featured this season in heavy guipure tops, fine gauzy lace bomber jackets and softly gathered dresses. Textural fabrics are carefully selected in the forms of tweeds punctuated by a shock contrast of magenta, or bold jacquard dresses with striking citrus. Soft but wintery shades of sea teal, lake blue and grey sit along side a clearer palette of magenta, ink and cream.

Precise panelling on the bodice defines and enhances the female silhouette. Top stitching, cut out necklines, or piped details all add definition to the garments across the range.

Although inspired by the women who put that famous twinkle in Ernest’s eye, any modern Parisian wife would feel right at home in this State of Grace's 2015 Winter Collection.